Sunday, May 1, 2011

A visit trip to Taylor's, KBU and One Academy

It was last Friday morning, I joined the school trip for a visit to Taylor's, KBU and One Academy.. It was a 2 days 1 night trip..
Reach school before 7am and didn't wait long to get into the bus.

1st reached Taylor's at Subang..
Subang Taylor's Cafeteria

Some random shots..

Going back to the bus to Taylor's Lake Side Campus

1st thing seen was this,

Some other shops you can find there..

No joke, Taylor's Lake Side Campus was like one of the most beautiful university I've ever seen

This block, you can see 4 floors on the bottom there right ? It's the library. 4 floors of library, this is a damn big

They arranged alot of chairs in their hall

Computers provided for the students in the Library.. All Mac !!.. lol


Discussion room

Some stalls around the library


After Taylor's went to KBU, I didn't take any pictures there actually. Cause it's not such a nice place to take pictures that place is kind of gloomy..So no pictures for KBU

Went to One Utama after KBU.
Was walking around looking for Carl's Jr.
On the way, these FCUK watches really cought my

Saw Sticky on the way They have some free samples, which are those not so perfect cut kind of Sticky sweets which they let customers try for free.. I bought one bottle, quite nice I would say, but very expensive.. = S

Had dinner at Carls' Jr, then saw there for quite some time.
Went straight to the so called hotel which is the Sunway Mutiara Inn's.. That place is ratehr a dissapointment.. Kind of sucks..
As you can see, it's not
The floor has nor carpets, the door is still the old using key to lock type, there's not towel in the room, and one very epic thing, they have no sockets for you to charge your phones..

End up, I found one..

The Tv's socket...I have to climb up with a chair. Luckily my phone's charger cable was long enough..phewww...

Next morning, went to One Academy..
It's actually one roll of shop lots right beside Sunway College..
This is the gallery

This is what you see when you enter One Academy.


He loves Woody too

Went to Sunway for lunch

Had lunch at Restaurant Toilet Concept.
The table was a sink

And the chairs.... They're toilet seats.. lol.

Lastly to archery....
I had 73 points out of 120 points.. haha..
Not bad for a 1st timer right ? = D

The End

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's been long since I've update my blog..
Sorry for that, have been a little busy lately.. lol...
Will update my blog very soon with my visit trip to Taylor's and One Academy.
But for now, I would need your help.
I've open up a Facebook page to upload all the pictures I've been taking throughout the years.
Hope that you all viewers can support me by liking my page and maybe help me share my page to all your family and friends.. There's a lot more pictures to see there then in my blog, 1st of all is because facebook has a faster and easier uploader.. lol.. So do check it out. = )

Here's the link to my page

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not So Happy Chinese New Year

It's Chinese New Year. Was looking forward for this day to come, but then I don't feel like it's Chinese New Year right now.. It feels like just some random holiday, and having ulcer on the tongue and a big acne on the chin is making things worst..
Didn't even take any pictures this year. Cause I felt that I've been taking the same pictures over and over and over again.. Nothing new, so I don't really bother this time.
Chinese New Year for me this year is really quite too
Alot of cousins from my mums side didn't come back.
Plus very little people here around my house is playing fireworks anymore.
There's no more Chinese New Year kind of environment..
The only place that I felt that there's the Chinese New Year kind of environment is at Wei Yern's house.
And not to mention, card playing also gotten lesser and lesser each year.
The saddest part is not losing, but it's not able to even play at all.. = /
Ohhhh well.....................

The End

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I've heard a few stories about being optimistic lately.
Story A, It seems it's a true story or something

Salesman A from a Shoe company went to one part of Afrika trying to promote shoes from his company.
The minute he got into town, he saw everybody is not wearing shoe.
Why aren't anybody wearing shoes over here ? asked Salesman A to a guy over there.
This is our culture which we have been following for thousand years back, most of us don't even own a pair of shoes, says that guy.
Sales Man A called back to his Boss : Boss, I don't think we have potential on selling shoes here, cause according to their culture, they don't even wear shoes.
Boss : It's alright, you can come back now.

Next month, another Sales Man, Salesman B went t the same place again.
As same as the previous salesman, that guy got curious and asked one of the guy over there on why they aren't wearing any shoes. He got back the same answer.
Salesman B then quickly called back to his boss : Boss, we have GREAT potential on selling shoes over here, this is because most of the people doesn't even own a pair of shoes here, the sales will be great.

Story B, a very short one and I like this one alot more.. lol


Stay positive everybody

The End

Friday, January 21, 2011

In studies, if we can't get good result, you can't really blame it on us, because 365 days in a year is not enough to study.
52 days in a year is a Sunday, very little people will study on Sunday.
Left 313 days
50 days of holiday, who will study during holidays..
left 263 days
130 days of sleep in a year, because a person needs at least 8 hours of sleep
left 141 days
15 days of entertainment, according to professors, we need at least an hour of entertainment for a healthy life
left 126 days
30 days for eating. As a normal person, we usually take 2 hours a day for eating.
left 96 days
15 hours of talking. We need to spend at least an hour for communication.

And now, how many days left for studies ? 81 dayssssss !!! Not to mention wasting time loitering around, and etc etc.. loll


This is just for fun, don't take this too seriously.
So study hard and work for it.

The End